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Webinar 28 feb. 13:00: How Uddevallahem uses Homepal

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Automate your monitoring and reporting

Get access to the information you need with the press of a button

Homepal is a Business Intelligence tool for real estate companies. Homepal lets you access, show and share information with your colleagues fast and easy. Save hours, every month.

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Your industry colleagues are our customers

Our customer segments


Kommunala bostÀder

Homepal automatiserar din uppföljning och rapportering sÄ att du snabbt och enkelt kan förstÄ hur dina fastigheter mÄr, följa hur du ligger till mot budget och hur vÀl du hÄller servicegarantin gentemot hyresgÀsterna.


Privata bostÀder

Dela information med alla du vill, frÄn VD till tekniker. NÀr alla har tillgÄng till rÀtt information kan varje medarbetare fatta rÀtt beslut snabbare. Effektivisera verksamheten och fÄ bÀttre resultat.



FÄ överblick över alla dina kunder och visa dem att deras fastigheter Àr i trygga hÀnder. Bjud in dina kunder att se sin data i snygga, greppbara dashboards. LÀmna lÄnga möten och mailtrÄdar bakom er.

As a manager, I have to give my employees the conditions and tools to succeed, even when the market changes. That's why I bought Homepal.

Anette Jansson
Anette Jansson
Customer and leasing manager
Customer logotype

Everything went super fast! It's about weeks in order to be up-and-running with Homepal, not months or years like with many other systems.

Christoffer Greijer
Christoffer Greijer
IT- & Digitalisation Manager
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Homepal gives us cost savings, greater revenue and greener management. Now we have insight into all parts of the business!

Calle Wettergren Henriksson
Calle Wettergren Henriksson
Head of Proptech & Digitalisation, Revelop
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25 reasons why real estate companies choose Homepal


Industry knowledge and experience

We combine our deep insight into the real estate industry with advanced technology to provide you with precise and relevant insights.


Unlimited number of users

Homepal provides unlimited access to key figures and metrics to promote sharing and collaboration within the organization.


Uniform calculations throughout the organization

With Homepal, the same calculations are used across the entire organization for a uniform and reliable analysis basis.


A source of truth for metrics and KPIs

Homepal gives you a single source of truth for tracking and reporting, eliminating the confusion of having multiple Excel sheets and different versions rolling.


Elimination of personal dependence

With Homepal, your data and insights are available regardless of staff turnover, minimizing the risk of losing important information.

How does it work?


Vi sköter integrationen frÄn början till slut

Vi tar hand om den tekniska sidan av integrationen, sÄ att du och ditt team kan fokusera pÄ kÀrnverksamheten utan att behöva oroa er för IT-frÄgor.

Vi har standardintegrationer mot i princip alla system som anvĂ€nds i branschen – och saknar vi nĂ„gonting sĂ„ skrĂ€ddarsyr och implementerar vi integrationer frĂ„n era befintliga system.


VÀlj bland fÀrdiga nyckeltal

Med vÄrt intuitiva grÀnssnitt kan du enkelt vÀlja de mÀtvÀrden och nyckeltal som Àr mest relevanta för er verksamhet.

Vi erbjuder en omfattande lista av branschens vanligaste uppföljnings- och rapporteringssiffror, och hjÀlper dig skapa skrÀddarsydda lösningar som passar just era behov och mÄl.


Uppdaterade siffror varje dag

NÀr mÀtvÀrdena och nyckeltalen Àr valda fÄr du automatiskt uppdaterade siffror varje dag som enkelt kan distribueras till organisationen.

VÄra dynamiska dashboards gör det enkelt att dela data med kollegor och hÄlla alla informerade om den senaste utvecklingen.

Glöm allt manuellt arbete för att fÄ fram uppföljnings- och rapporteringssiffror.

A short overview for you who want to
see how it works

Homepal is a platform for business monitoring that has been specifically developed for the real estate industry. At Homepal, we don't think it should be difficult or expensive for businesses to access their data and visualize it in a way that everyone can understand.

We know what you should be looking at

We know it can be difficult to know where to start. Homepal are experts in the real estate industry and have developed ready-made dashboards, filled with the right KPIs, which are configured based on different needs and purposes - and stress tested by your industry colleagues.

See our finished examples of dashboards:

Browse our dashboards
Dashboard Image
Teknisk förvaltning

Arbetsorderuppföljning för distriktschefer

Dashboard som hjÀlper dig som distriktschef att sÀkerstÀlla att arbetsordrar inte faller mellan stolarna för de fastigheter som du ansvarar för.

Data? No problem.

Homepal handles everything from data collection to ready-made insights. We have integrations with all the industry's usual suppliers, which makes the implementation seamless.

You can sit back and have a cup of coffee while we download your data and set up everything you need.

Officiell samarbetspartner
Officiell samarbetspartner

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Browse our guides and articles to find what you need to succeed in tracking and improving results — using KPIs, data, and your team.

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How Swedish real estate companies can go about starting to follow up the business despite a lack of data quality

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The mistake that cost real estate companies dearly - Are you making it?

Real estate companies make information inaccessible to both managers and employees, costing them a lot of money every year. Does this apply to you too?

Frequently asked questions

In accordance with the GDPR, we have taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of customers' data. All data is stored on secure servers with the highest level of data security. We take special measures to ensure that all sensitive data, such as tenants' personal data, is encrypted and stored in Europe. Want to know more about how we handle data? Email us at

Many people are unsure of their data quality. In the vast majority of cases, the data you have is actually better than you think. Remember that data doesn't have to be perfect for data-driven work to be rewarding. In many cases where data is missing, lump sums can provide a fair picture while you start collecting the missing data to get an accurate result. If you are still unsure if your data is sufficient, we at Homepal can help you do a quality check.

Yes. We have taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to guarantee the security and confidentiality of our client's data.

Different business intelligence tools have different strengths. In some cases, data needs to be twisted and turned for very deep analysis, which requires an extremely powerful tool and data expertise from the person using it.

In other cases, the most important thing is to make data accessible and help everyone in the organization to work data-driven without being able to write SQL code or be an expert in data. Homepal makes it possible for everyone in the organization to benefit from data, get answers to questions and make data-driven decisions, without any technical expertise.
Read more about different types of BI tools here →

You can invite colleagues to view or edit the dashboards you have created. You can also share public links. Furthermore it is possible to embed dashboards and KPIs and display them on TV screens in the office.

Yes. You can choose whether you want, for example, bar charts, line charts, or simple key figures. It is also possible to show percentage changes between time periods or how you as a company are doing in relation to your targets.

Yes, we have support for embedding dashboards and KPIs, so you can display important information on your intranet, website and TV screens in the office.

We retrieve data every night from your systems.

Yes, we arrange that! Email us at

In some cases, you can get an invitation to a demo account with demo data to see how it feels before you decide. We also have a number of videos showing how Homepal works. If you want a personalized demo, you can email us at, or click the "book a demo" button in the top right corner.

We take responsibility for the integration all the way. When we know which system providers you want to share data from, we know exactly what data we need from, for example, your property system or case management system. Once we have access to your real estate data, we set up the integration in no time, and then you're ready to get started with Homepal!

The first thing we do is request data from the business systems you use. This can be any system you want, such as the real estate system, the financial system or the energy monitoring system. All you have to do is tell your suppliers that you want to share data with us, and we'll do the rest.

Once we have access to your data, we model it, which takes 3-4 days. It requires nothing from you.

Then we quality assure your data, which we need some help with, so that you see exactly what you want and nothing else in Homepal. For example: are there properties and/or objects that should not be loaded into Homepal and if so, how are they marked in your real estate system?


Everything you need to know about the product and how it works. Can't find an answer? Please contact our team.

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