We collect data
that you need

Homepal collects and syncs data from your business needed for specific processes or in other platforms. To search, browse and watch - or technically share with other applications and integrations.

Never let scattered data slow you down

Homepal works with real estate companies that want to be at the forefront. Together, we lay the foundation for a sustainable company that, through structured and available data, is always ready for the next step. Homepal gives you a sustainable, efficient and smart organization.

Why do customers choose Homepal?

Free up and save time

Free up working hours for coworkers by avoiding having to search among systems, documents and people to find simple information about the properties you own and manage.

Plug in – not out

Our products work as a supplement to your existing systems. You never have to exchange anything to start using our products. Connect us and start your work today.

Integrate in days, not months

Move away from long and protracted implementation times of new applications or systems. Provide a new integration with data in a few days instead of months.

How does it all fit together?

Our data platform collects, syncs and structures data from the systems and applications you use in your everyday life.

All this data can then be combined and used in the product that suits your purpose!

Get started with Homepal!

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